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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ferddie's World is 1 Year Old!

Whadday know! Time does fly fast...

Stardate:Twelve months ago -- Blogsphere....the final frontier....i ventured boldly into something no member of the Mendoza clan (none that i know of) has ever done before...to actively enter into the cyberspace world of blogging. I'm no rocket scientist or computer wizard, so you could say i gave the phrase "trial and error" a whole new meaning by trying to blog, set up and maintain my own weblogsite.

Well after twelve months, i'm still trying to digest the basics of blogging. God has nonetheless blessed me with no less than four different blog sites that are up and running - with posts for anyone who cares to view what i have to share in the blogsphere.

Happy 1st birthday, Ferddie's World.

May your posts continue to be a blessing to all who read them!



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