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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Prayer for the May 14 Elections

While looking for information on the internet concerning responsible voting, I stumbled upon this novena prayer for a previous election held in the country. While that may have been the case, its words of supplication remain relevant today.

With the belief that there lies strength in united prayer, may readers of this blog post join those with similar pleas for justice, fairness, peace and order to reign over the whole land by reciting this prayer to God.

Dear Lord, thy Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.

Novena Prayer for the May 11 Elections in the Philippines

God and Father of us all,
Once again, You give our country another opportunityfor meaningful change.
Once again, You entrust to our people the decision to choose our leaders.
As the elections in our country approaches,
We beg You to guide our people in all their decisions and actions.
Help all of us to discover Your Holy Will not only for ourselves
but for the good of our whole country.
We pray that our voters will freely and wisely choose the candidates
who will lead our country not only in the path of development
but also in the path of righteousness.
We pray that all candidates may learn to respect each other
and respect each voter's freedom to choose.
We pray that all those who have been entrusted with the duty
to assist in the elections
may perform their task conscientiously and honestly.

We pray that our people may have the unity and courage
to guard against any evil intention in the election.
Help all of us to acknowledge that You alone
are our true Leader and King, who always watch over our well-being.
In the past, you have mysteriously but wonderfully
led our country to the right path.
May we fully place our trust in Your great love and mercy.
We ask all of these,
united with the prayers of our Blessed Mother and all your saints,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.



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