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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sonny Boy attends the grade school basketball varsity tryouts

Basketball is the country’s national past time. Everywhere you see some makeshift courts where kids and adults alike play from morning ‘til sundown, even to the late hours of the night. My kids are no different. Especially when school’s out, all the boys are either playing basketball with our small ring inside our driveway or in a neighbor’s house or in our street where there is a new court set up. Everyone has his own team in the collegiate level, the local pros and in the NBA. I’m a die-hard Celtics fan while my third son, Sonny Boy roots for the Nets. He used to be for the Timberwolves but I guess he thought the Kidd/Carter combination was more championship caliber.

At any rate, last June 9, I accompanied Sonny Boy to his school Mater Carmeli in Novaliches, Quezon City. He was trying out for the grade school’s varsity team in basketball. He was an incoming sixth grader this school year and since many schools in the country didn’t require a seventh grade, he was looking at high school next year. I believe this was a dream he really wanted to realize before leaving the primary level. Just last month he underwent summer camp in basketball in a nearby school sponsored by my mother-in-law. These series of tryouts would be a good indication whether his skills have substantially improved in the last month or so.

The practices didn’t start on time. Originally, I only planned to accompany him to the school and just allow him to go home on his own. Eventually I decided to just wait for him and observe the tryouts. Looking back, I’m glad I did.

When the coach finally started the tryouts, he instructed the boys to undergo a series of drills that showed their dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Later they were grouped for a whole court tryout game.

During the skirmish, Sonny Boy started to stand out. He made ten points (topped scoring for all players) from around 12 attempts (approx. 42% field goal percentage), 1 rebound, 1 block and 1 steal.

Of course, he still had areas to improve. I thought Sonny and the rest of the kids didn’t move the ball well enough, but that should improve through time. His defense was decent, although he wasn’t able to convert off his steal. He definitely could do more, especially when they come up with good transition plays.

Still, not bad for a budding basketball player. Not bad at all.

Last week, the verdict was out. After at least five tryout sessions, the coach had chosen the twelve boys who will hopefully continue the grades school winning tradition. Sonny made the cut.

It’s now official. Sonny Boy is the Mendoza family’s first varsity player in basketball!

I’m proud of you, son. May God continue to bless you and your whole basketball team!

P.S. Now if only by some great miracle Portland or Seattle would eventually trade Oden or Durant for Szczerbiak, Olowokandi, Scalabrine and a future draft pick of the Boston Celtics.

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