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Monday, July 30, 2007

Brownie is gone

Brownie is gone.

Our roughly seven year old half breed Labrador succumbed to an unknown ailment which greatly weakened him for more than a week now.

My family believes one of our household help may have carelessly included some bony or sharp object in Brownie’s food that may have caused his persistent coughing and deteriorating health from that time on.

I remember seeing Brownie sometime last Friday night calling out his name. He was obviously sick, not even wagging his tail, far from the robust canine we all knew and loved.

One of our helpers said that Brownie went out of our house when Junior, Sonny and I went out to Cubao on the afternoon of the 28th. A neighbor later told me that Brownie had somehow strayed to one of the apartment rows in Daffodils St. that Saturday night, too weak to come back home. Residents put Brownie back in the street itself where he was last seen lying and presumed dead.

Sunday morning after hearing what happened to Brownie, I instructed the helpers to bring back Brownie’s remains to be later buried in a nearby vacant lot.

However, that was not meant to be. According to neighbors, some people or someone in a public utility tricycle took Brownie with them. I could only surmise that they were unscrupulous heartless dog-eaters who lived nearby. For their shameless cruelty to animals, may God have mercy on their souls.

I almost always wished there was some sort of dog heaven for all the good pets out there, especially the good ones I’ve had in the past like Brownie. I just realized that some of the saddest moments of my childhood years and adolescent life were the deaths of my pet animals.

I regret not having enough money to have called in a veterinarian sooner. In fact, I had already placed the vet’s calling card above our fridge in preparation for an imminent call. I just deferred calling until I had the necessary resources. But Brownie was just so sick. Had I called earlier maybe things would have been different.

My wife had given Brownie’s perfect epitaph --- “He has served us well.”

With Brownie, I’m not surprised why a dog is called man’s best friend.

Rest well our loyal canine friend…rest well.



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